How to Re Kindle the Love In Your Marriage


As a relationship coach I get asked many questions about ways that will rekindle the love in a marriage. The first thing I do is laugh when couples ask this question because it is so common. I would guess that every couple goes through a time when they feel that the love is losing its flare or passion. My wife and I have had conversations regarding this matter on many occasions. It is easy to place your spouse on the back burner when life happens, kids come into the picture, schedules are jam packed, and the job is always competing for treasured time.  In the article I will give a few tips that has helped many couples including my wife and I.

1. Make Known your Concern: As couples when you feel that something is lacking you need to make a decision to act quickly. Be open with your partner and express your concerns about the relationship. Learn how to talk about feelings and emotions on a daily basis. It’s OK to feel this way, but express yourself and move forward.

2. Clear the Air: Sometimes couples do not seem to enjoy the love that is in the air is because they are distant from one another. Unresolved issues, hurts, feelings, or emotions might be lingering in the background. Please do not be afraid to talk about things that might be bothering you.

3.  Schedule Times to Date: Set times in your schedule to have dates with your spouse. My wife and I make sure that we go out on a date every other week without the kids. During that time we may hang out with another couple or just spend time enjoying each other. We cherish and protect that time.

4. Encourage One Another: The little things mean a lot. One way to rekindle the love is to make it a point to tell your spouse how much you care for them and why. Don’t just tell him or her, “I love you, but give a few reasons why you feel that way. Start in the morning and keep it up throughout the day or week.

5.  Be Creative: Throw away routines and dare to be different. This goes for everything not just things of the sexual nature. Be spontaneous and learn how to think outside the box as your communicate and meet the needs of your spouse.

6. Focus on Serving your Spouse: One of the things that I do not do around the house is cook. I am not the best cook and my wife cooks like a world class chef, but every now and then I will make her breakfast in bed or make her a nice lunch.

As I stated earlier all couples hit roadblocks in their relationship. In this article I have listed a few things that has helped hundreds of couples, including myself to rekindle the love in their relationship.

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