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Interpersonal communication means communication between two people. A romantic relationship, in this case, marriage, involves two people and the two people need to communicate if their relationship is to flourish.

There’s a thing called individuality and in a relationship, individuality matters. And where there’s individuality in a romantic relationship interpersonal communication matters. You may have been married for years and be proud that you know your significant other like the back of your hand due to earlier interpersonal communication. But, there’s a factor called change – people change. Your spouse might have changed. And you might have no idea of that change because you think you know your spouse all too well. So, you don’t ask, “What’s new?” or “Do you love me?” or “What would you like for dinner?” to your better half. Your better half might be waiting for you to ask that and when you don’t, that means your marriage is masking poor interpersonal communication on the ironical basis of understanding.

Behavioral science defines this scenario of ‘I know you too well to misunderstand you’ as having an illusion of insight. In the process of knowing someone metaphorically inside out, it creates an illusion of understanding more than actual understanding.

This maybe shocking but it is real and happening. It is making years of solid foundation of marriage crumble like termites slowly eating up an edifice. So, how to unmask poor interpersonal communication in your marriage?


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